Automate every stage of the loan lifecycle

Manage Critical Processes

RIM Mortgage and Loan Solutions provides a broad array of services and solutions that can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements and help you manage the records critical to your business. Accelerate your digital transformation by capturing, classifying, indexing, enriching and visualizing your loan data regardless of format – physical or digital. Replicate your file room in a secure, offsite environment in order to manage your vast number of documents and records. Digitize your paper-based information and allow fast, easy and environmentally friendly retrieval of files.

Evaluate your current processes and transform your workplace to better manage and loan records and information.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, loan modifications are a common way to reduce loss while keeping a borrower in a home. As loan modification volume increases, keeping up with document processing and data validation can be a challenge.

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RIM has best-in-class operations to digitize, process, and deliver loan files to the next destination. Our solutions meet data validation requirements for all investors while matching the tightest timelines.

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Improve operational efficiencies for loan securitizations. Reduce operational costs while meeting demand. Improve process scalability while working remotely. Exceed processing times for loan modification contracts. Quickly validate inbound documents while also reducing physical document movement. Reduce document losses with improved document chain of custody.

Service Benefits

Free up space

Leverage RIM scanning experts, processes, and infrastructure to convert physical documents taking up valuable space to digital. Will allow your organization to reduce costs.

Quickly Search*

Using the key words like client name, client number or loan number or content document will be completely searchable by text or index, available for many file types.

Centralize access

Will allow you to manage large volumes of documents in a hybrid environment to integrate new technology with legacy systems and to strengthen the chain of custody.