About RIM – Records & Information Management Company

Records and Information Management (RIM) is an affiliate of Iron Mountain, the world’s leading Records and Information Management Company and the association has assisted 225,000+ customers globally and is trusted by more than 95% of fortune 1,000 companies.

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing, information and assets. Iron Mountain founded in 1951 operates in 53 countries globally. RIM currently operates in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ivory Coast.

Services RIM offers:



Our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs

  1. Act with integrity – We are open and honest and live our values every day. We are open and honest and live our values every day.
  2. Own safety and security – We protect ourselves and each other from harm, and secure our customers’ assets as if they were our own.
  3. Build customer value – We constantly look for ways to better serve our customers in Africa and improve their business.
  4. Take ownership – We take personal responsibility for the success of our teams, our customers, and our company.
  5. Promote inclusion and teamwork – We look for and value each other’s unique ideas and perspectives to get better results.
  6. Support and develop our employees in Africa – We value each one of our employees and support them to the full extent of our capabilities.

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