Our Dedicated Team

Experienced Professionals

Edward D. (Ted) Prittie


Ted has nearly 25 years of records management experience, starting with the founding of DocuGuard, a central European joint venture with Iron Mountain that was acquired by the company in 2004. After the acquisition, Ted joined the executive leadership of Iron Mountain Europe in the position of SVP in charge of acquisitions, new market development, and joint-ventures and was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President, Continental Europe in August 2007. In November of 2011, Ted assumed the management of the Emerging markets countries and the global Joint-ventures. Prior to his career in records management, Ted was involved in several successful entrepreneurial activities in Central Europe.

Marc Duale


Marc has over 13 years of experience in records and information management starting as an International President at Iron Mountain from 2006 to 2017 and from May 2017 as a Senior Advisor to the president and CEO at the same company. His career started from 1996 as a Managing Director at DHL Western Europe until 1999, then as a COO Asia-Pacific from 1999 to 2002 at DHL and as a Managing Director Asia-Pacific at Thomas Reuters from 2002 to 2006.

Danu M. Temelie


Danu has over 20 years of experience in records and information management starting as a partner at DocuGuard in Central Europe in 1994 and managing the growth of the business in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania. Danu was responsible for some of the largest banking outsourcing projects in the region. Danu, speaks six languages fluently and has been operating in Africa for the past 3 years.

Lilian Mukasa

Partner RIM Uganda

After 14 years of practising Pharmacy, I had a career change. It was not an instantaneous move and it took 5 years to take shape. The choice of moving to Records Management was not an easy or straight forward one. The challenges were many but the stretch into a new field was refreshing. The greatest challenge was finding a suitable location to serve my new prospects. After months of searching, I realized the answer was right under my nose. It was disguised in an undeveloped piece of land, in a yet to be developed area, that my husband and I owned. Seeing this piece of real estate for what it could be and not what it was happened after God closed all the possibilities I had thought were the right ones. We moved to the unfinished premises in July 2011. The journey has been an amazing one. I have had the privilege and honor of serving many corporations and of working with many young people. We initially operated under a different business name but in 2019, through a corporate reorganization, Rimrecords was born

Krisztian Kaplan


Krisztian has over 10 years of international finance management experience. He worked at GE (General Electric) as a Financial Manager in various locations across Europe (UK, Germany, Hungary, and Switzerland). He used to manage day to day financial operations from individual business units to global groups. He also delivered commercial plans, tender pricings for local and regional customers, evaluated M&A opportunities, and recently participated in the sale of GE Capital’s assets of $200Bn. He joined RIM in 2017 to lead financial activities for local and holding entities.

Dan Moldoveanu

VP Operations | RIM Incorporated, Managing Director | RIM RECORDS LTD.

Dan has 18 years of experience in the records and information management industry, 6 years in greenfield operations in emerging markets. As entrepreneur he developed his own records and information management business acquired by DocuGuard. He was an Operations Director of Iron Mountain until March 2016 when he joined RIM.

Paul Ntaganda

East Africa Sales Director | RIM Rwanda Country Manager

Paul has 16 years of experience in executive positions in FMCG and hospitality industry in UK, Switzerland, and East Africa with a very strong network and deep local market knowledge


Jacqueline N. Walibba

Business Development Executive - RIM Uganda

Simon Kamau

Business Development Executive - RIM Kenya

Clinton Rubagumya

Business Development Executive - RIM Rwanda

Edrona Nakiberu

Account Manager - RIM Uganda

Hellen Muchoki

Account Manager - RIM Kenya


Sujith Kumar

East Africa Operations Manager

Irene Ojambo

Lead Supervisor - Uganda

Michael Gabiro

Operations Manager - RIM Rwanda

Fidaousse Ouro-Lowan

Operations Manager - RIM Benin

Supporting Functions

Charlotte Ingabire

Human Resources Administrator – RIM Rwanda

Zaina Tusiime

Human Resource Responsible - RIM Uganda.

Henry Otieno

IT Manager Kenya

Dennis Kaweesi

Senior Accountant – RIM Uganda

Amanya Gamukama

IT Manager RIM Uganda | Rwanda