Track and control the entire contract lifecycle using the Contract management solution.

With this automation solution you will be able to:

  • Centralize your contacts and control who can access

  • Track what was changed, by whom, and when

  • Send automatic reminders to renew expiring contracts
  • Run Reports to review documents eligible for disposition
  • Automatically dispose of documents when they expire in accordance with legal retention requirements
  • Automating Contracts Management speeds turnaround. It creates a more streamlined, collaborative process that ensures that business owners who initiate new contracts or work on developing contracts, use current information and copy.

Service Benefits

Referenced legal documents

Check, authorize, and archive cross-referenced legal documents such as framework contracts, individual orders, and attachments for the legal and content cross.


Quick and easy retrieval such as unique identifiers (e.g. company name, tax number, date, etc.).


Contracts Management works with other RIM products such as Mailroom and Purchases Management; and with other enterprise systems and databases (e.g., SAP, Oracle, etc.).

Access control

Sophisticated, enterprise-specific authorization ratings, access logging, version control.