It’s time to go digital..

Discover how RIM’s suite of digital transformation programs can change the way you do business.


Whether you need to optimize an existing IT infrastructure or navigate the complexities of a hybrid physical and digital world, RIM can help you. With our services, you have an agile, scalable and more efficient way to meet changing business demands.

Using solutions such as cloud storage, data centers, workflow automation, imaging and data recovery, you can focus on your business process while accelerating your transition to a business environment. more digital work.

The digital transformation services of your organization to:

  • Improve your business agility with better access and use of information. Improving knowledge
  • Increase efficiency with streamlined processes and best practice workflows
  • Manage information growth and scale on demand. Focus on your core strategy and optimize your business performance.

Service Benefits

Our experts will help you establish a fast, efficient process for the strategic conversion or your paper records and documents to a digital format. This increases access and reduces storage costs. Backfile Conversion can help you:

  • EXTRACT valuable data and insights from your legacy records and documents to make better business decisions.
  • ACCESS to your vital records electronically without subjecting the original to wear and tear or loss.
  • CENTRALIZE your information in an electronic repository of your own or our Digital Record Center, where it can be easily and securely shared.

Converting all of your legacy paper records to digital files doesn’t make financial sense and can be a daunting task. Instead of doing all your scanning at once, we can help you prioritize and achieve your goals by segmenting it into a series of backfile conversion projects or by establishing Day Forward Scanning and Image on Demand programs.

Stop perpetuating paper in your workplace. Start your digital transformation – scan, index and convert your paper documents when they are produced or received in the normal course of business. Processing paper document slows down your business and inherently increases privacy, security and compliance risks. Our experts will help you cut paper off at the pass.

We will work with you to identify the points at which paper enters your department or organization and establish a program that prevents paper documents from entering your workplace. The paper documents reroute to an Iron Mountain facility to be scanned and indexed – giving your staff immediate digital access to the imaged documents.

Whether your goal is big – stopping the flow of inbound paper mail to your entire organization, or small – removing paper from a single workflow or department, we can help you realize your goal.

Learn more about how our Digital Mailroom solution helps customers say goodbye to paper mail.


  • REMOVE paper from your workplace
  • IMPLEMENT business process automation
  • INCREASE the efficiency of your content management systems


The Digital Records Centre is an electronic repository where you can securely store, find and share the digital files that RIM has created from paper or other media formats or original digital documents. Authorized users can search for, retrieve and share the information they need 24/7, from any location and on any device.

Digitizing your workplace office with The Digital Records allows you to easily

  • STORE, locate, search for and share documents.
  • CONTROL access to you information with multi-level authorizations.
  • ELIMINATE time-consuming and expensive manual paper processes.


Use our web-based customer hub, to select the document you would like to have imaged from among the physical records and documents that you have stored with us.

Our team then carefully retrieves, prepares, and scans the document. After scanning, we return the document to its original storage location. We provide you with secure, easy access to the digital document. This pay-as-you go service minimizes costs by allowing you to image only the paper files that you need.


  • keep costs low with our pay-as-you-go model
  • get fast, digital access to your documents
  • benefit from our highly secure personnel, processes and facilities
  • trust our 20+ years of experience in scanning, indexing and classification

Our team will work with you to create a document imaging solution designed to achieve your short-and long-term objectives. Based on your needs and expectations our experts will recommend ways to increase efficiency by managing your information digitally.

Digitizing physical documents with our document imaging services will optimize your business applications and better leverage your technology investments. Fast, secure access positions you to meet compliance objectives and other business obligations.