You are all familiar with the challenges that come with working with paper-based information presents, to the efficiency of your employees and to the information security, privacy and compliance requirements of your organization.

Unified Solution

The benefits of digitization can easily fail if it operates as a parallel system to traditional processes. RIM Mailroom integrates physical and digital mail into one system.

How It Works?

Physical post is received and digitized by RIM or Client staff and inserted into the digital mailroom solution.

What happens to physical shipments?

After scanning physical post RIM archiving system provides secure, regulatory-compliant archiving, indexing, and easy retrieval of your documents.

What happens to digital copies?

They are stored in a public or private cloud-based system that complies with data protection regulations (GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.) and the strictest international information security standards.

Managed Channels

RIM Mailroom integrates the following physical and digital communication channels into one system: courier, post office, mailbox, company gateway, Tax account, email, web.

Access Control

Sophisticated, enterprise-specific authorization ratings, access logging, version control.

Service Benefits


Flawless, fast operation with low operating costs.


Secure, closed, audited document management and digital storage.

Remote access

Instant access to inbound and outbound mail services, whether from home or on the go. Easy access to your mail from one central, secure location.

How do I make a yearly payment?

Manage predictable costs through our subscription service.

Customer experience

Ensuring an excellent and unified customer experience.

Use of space

The mail room can be freed up, saved or used for other business functions.