Accounts payable automation will expand your controls, visibility and tracking, streamline accounts payable processes and improve the monthly financial close.

This accounts payable solution will eliminate paper and the onus of low-value work on your staff.

Automate the paper-heavy invoice process with accounts automation receivable. Automate your processes for a swift and accurate monthly close. The Workflow Automation Process provides you with improved controls and visibility. All information needed for fast and accurate processing and collecting payments can be accessed, by authorized users, from this single source.


Automating your accounts payable processes can also:
  • Avoid routine touches, use your time to handle exceptions.
  • Shorten your processing cycle.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Run reports to review documents eligible for disposition.
  • Automatically dispose of documents when they expire in accordance with legal retention requirements.
  • Improve your financial close.
  • Work faster with on-demand access to your critical business documents.
  • Link all critical supporting documentation that is directly related to billing transactions and collections.
  • Have access to a central repository of collections information track the collections process in one centralized location.

Service Benefits


Error-free and fast processing of incoming invoices with low operating costs.

Remote access

Instant access to incoming invoices from home or on the go.

Supplier relations

A fair, fast and transparent invoice payment process contributes to building excellent supplier relationships.


Secure, closed, audited document management.