Digitally transform your business and centralize your information



When you live in a hybrid world of paper and electronic information without a unified view of your information, you and your employees spend precious time searching for what you need.

When you do find the information you need, if it’s in paper format, you still can’t easily access or quickly share with others.

Through a combination of RIM document scanning expertise, infrastructure and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, RIM Document Scanning and Digital Storage services enable you to take the first step on your digital transformation journey.


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Business Benefits

You can ingest documents from other locations, such as third-party systems, enterprise content management systems (ECMs), to centrally store scanned and digitally born documents for enhanced visibility, connection and access.

Leverage RIM scanning experts, processes, and infrastructure to convert physical documents taking up valuable space to digital.

Features & Benefits

Using the key words or pre-setup filters documents will be completely searchable by text or index, available for many file types.

Your electronic information will be store in a secure way Role-based permissions enable authorized users to access only the information that they need.

Flawless, fast operation with low operating costs.

A smooth and transparent contracting process contributes to building excellent customer and supplier relationships.

Instant access to documents and templates, whether from home or on the go.

Secure, closed, audited document management and digital storage.

Role-based permissions enable authorized users to access only the information that they need.

Creating, signing, storing and destroying any type of documents in a single system.